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Project Candlestick

Project Candlestick is a program that provides professional life coaching to people who are re-creating their lives and pursuing their dreams after incarceration. It was created in partnership between Hearthstone Coaching and Bonafide, a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that people affected by incarceration have the support they need to integrate into society and build healthy, fulfilling lives. Project Candlestick is also supported by the Los Angeles Regional Reentry Partnership.

What is Coaching?

In weekly conversations, you and your coach will partner together in a process that inspires you to maximize your personal potential and create the life you dream of.

Based on your unique goals, coaching can support you to:

  • Clarify the outcomes and experiences you most desire in your work, relationships, health, hobbies, and communities
  • Design creative plans for reaching your goals and take effective action toward them
  • Overcome challenges that arise as you journey towards your goals
  • Unleash your personal power, resilience, creativity, and passion.

Coaching is NOT therapy, counseling, consulting, advice-giving, or fixing something about you. It is not about your past; it is about your future! It is about you designing and creating a life you love, with the support of a coach who sees you as the powerful, resilient, and lovable being that you are.

How can I participate?

More questions?

Please contact us at We’d be happy to connect or schedule a time to chat.