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Who is Project Candlestick for?

People who have been affected by the carceral system and who want to…

  • Enhance their lives, careers, and relationships, 
  • Expand their positive impact on their communities and the world, and
  • Overcome the challenges of re-creating their lives after reentry.

What is Coaching?

In weekly conversations, you and your coach will partner together in a process that inspires you to maximize your personal potential and create the life you dream of.

Based on your unique goals, coaching can support you to:

  • Clarify the outcomes and experiences you most desire in your work, relationships, health, hobbies, and communities,
  • Design creative plans for reaching your goals and take effective action towards them,
  • Overcome challenges that arise as you journey towards your goals
  • Unleash your personal power, resilience, creativity, and passion.

Coaching is NOT therapy, counseling, consulting, advice-giving, or fixing something about you. It is not about your past; it is about your future! It is about you designing and creating a life you love, with the support of a coach who sees you as the powerful, resilient, and lovable being that you are.

How does the program work?

  • After you’ve submitted an application, we will match you with a potential coach, who will reach out to you and schedule an introductory coaching session. It’s important to us that you feel great about coaching and the match. If you do, you will officially commence! If not, we will introduce to other coaches until you have a coach you love. 
  • You will then begin regular sessions with your coach. Sessions are usually one hour each, 3-4 times per month for six months. 
  • Once your six-month partnership is complete, you may re-apply to participate again with a new coach! 

I want to participate! What do I do next?

The best way to discover if Project Candlestick is for you is to give it a try!

You can sign up for a sample coaching session before committing to the full program. To get the ball rolling,

Fill out this short intake form.

You can also contact us at

More questions?

Please feel free to schedule a time to chat live with David Cowan from Bonafide.

Or contact us at