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“I literally had no one to meet me or a place to stay.”

First of all, if there were still sainthood granted to people, David and Rebecca should be made saints. As far as I’m concerned, I cannot think of a nicer couple or more involved couple that have made a difference in so many people’s lives. And they’ve done it without any pride, they’re very relaxed. You feel normal with them and they help you stay calm. That’s their secret power. And, and one that’s essential. They let me know I was really going home and everything would work out.

The biggest surprise for me was the fear of pending freedom. I literally had no one to meet me or a place to stay. 

That’s where Bonafide steps up in a big way.  Literally, they met me at the gate with a smile and a backpack full of essentials (hygiene products, towel, snacks, etc.) AND a phone. As you can see, I posted my number of social media and people started calling right away.

Then Bonafide took me to Target and gave me a budget to buy some clothes (underwear, shoes, pants, shirts, etc.).  I didn’t even need to use my gate money!