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“Now, everything I do is for her.”

Q- How was that first day?

That first day I was able to see my wife.  It was a feeling I thought would never happen. I had been in and out of jail so many times that I made the decision to change my life.

I learned empathy before I got out and caring for people and that allows me to appreciate my freedom.

Q – How did Bonafide help you out?

I went to a transitional house and would take a bus over to a computer class every weekend.

David and Becca were loyal to me and I was loyal to them.

Q – What was the most important thing Bonafide did for you?

They connected me to a program that allowed me to be awarded $5,000 and bring my family up here to live with me.

That award meant I was able to bring up my wife up here with me. My wife has been with me for 48 years – she has stayed with me all my time.

Now, everything I do is for her. Now, I’ve learned to listen to her – I used to use drugs/drink, but I’ve been clean since 2003.

Q – What surprised you the most about Bonafide?

They are willing to help for a long period of time, even helping with bills when asked.

I know that I can call David/Becca, and they’ll pick up the phone. I trust them to help me deal with my parole officer – David even came over to help me set up my new phone – and make sure all the stuff on the old phone made it to this phone.

Q – Would you recommend Bonafdide to others?

I’ve had people that gotten involved with reentry, when they call me I gave them David’s numbers.

Q – What was the thing that meant the most from Bonafide?

One Thanksgiving we had it at their house – the first thanksgiving dinner I had in decades.  They invited a bunch of us over to share the holiday together. They went out of their way to make the whole meal – didn’t ask us for any help – they invited us.